B&S Group rebrands as B&S

This brand is designed to tell the story of a unified, stronger company and its transformation, drawing on 150 years of entrepreneurship.



Mensdorf, Luxembourg - January 18, 2022

Today the company announces that it has rebranded as B&S. The redevelopment of its brand proposition is a key milestone in its one company, one brand approach that was introduced as part of its 2021 – 2023 strategy.


Rolling out across all B&S touchpoints and platforms over the course of 2022, as of today B&S represents a unified brand proposition comprising:


new name and logo - Our condensed name and simplified logo are a visible symbol of our one company, one brand approach. This name and logo reflect the unification of all companies that together form B&S. It’s simpler to understand and easier to remember, while retaining the association with our rich heritage.


enhanced brand statement & pay off – B&S. King of Reach. Since its inception, B&S has consistently connected brands and people on a global scale. We are not a conventional company; we evolve continuously to deliver on our mission – to make premium consumer goods available to everyone, anywhere. But as technology moves forward, the way we achieve this mission evolves too. Our enhanced brand statement reflects our development as tech company in the consumer goods industry.


cohesive brand architecture – B&S unites all its activities under the same B&S brand to build brand recognition and expand reach in every business activity. For our six operating segments we introduce B&S Liquors, B&S Beauty, B&S Personal Care, B&S Food, B&S Health and B&S Retail. All connected and recognisable by the same visual identity. For stand-alone brands in our B&S portfolio, we incorporate a clear visible link to the B&S parent, adding the “by B&S” logo to their own brand communications.


evolved visual identity – We introduce a new bold typeface, a distinctive colour palette, a unique shape and new photography principles and categories. Signifying our reach to all far corners of the earth.


Tako de Haan, CEO B&S: “B&S has a compelling story to tell. We provide millions of customers globally with their favorite brands of consumer goods on a daily basis. Yet there is little recognition of the company behind this strong network. Our unified brand approach brings together all our sub-entities under one recognisable name. As one B&S, we will continue to make premium consumer goods available to everyone, anywhere.”




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