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Strategic Alliance: The New B2B Partnership Between and Hershey

In a significant move set to reshape the European travel retail market, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Hershey, one of North America's largest all-round snacking and chocolate brands.

The Essence of the Partnership

This collaboration establishes as the exclusive distributor for Hershey in the European Travel Retail market. The partnership covers a wide range of sales channels, including airport shops, border shops, and ferries. Notably, will take over the distribution and sales functions, complemented by robust marketing activities.

Synergistic approach

The partnership ensures is easier accessable for a bigger customer base. This way, the leading brands will be better and more visible for European travelers than ever before. This joint effort aims to leverage's expertise to significantly reduce the lead time of Hershey products to the customers– from the previous 8-10 weeks to just 21 days.

Optimized stock management and customer satisfaction

By maintaining stock based on customer forecasts, will ensure efficient stock control and avoid both shortages and surpluses. This strategy has already received enthusiastic feedback from customers.

Phase one and beyond

The initial phase of the partnership focuses on onboarding specific customers, streamlining the process from A to Z. The subsequent phase will tap into B&S's reach through its digital platform ( in Europe.

Ordering flexibility and synergies

Customers can now order a mix of products via, including Hershey items, allowing for lower volumes and ensuring quick stock rotation. The partnership also facilitates the integration of Hershey products with other confectionery brands, enhancing overall market appeal.

Pride and prospects

Representing Hershey, with its annual turnover of $10.5 billion and status as one of the biggest snacking brand in America, is a point of pride for The partnership aims for sustainable, long-term growth through a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy tailored to each country and customer.

Looking Ahead

With a focus on realistic and sustainable growth, and Hershey are committed to a long-term partnership that promises to bring significant advancements to the European travel retail market.