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How Mars Wrigley grew significantly in the BAS channels with B&S


B&S connects premium brands with our global network of customers. That takes more than mastering the supply chain. By dedicating ourselves to the growth of Mars Wrigley's travel retail business with tailored distribution solutions, strategic brand development efforts, and engaging marketing campaigns.



About Mars Wrigley




Mars Wrigley needs no introduction. Their brands, from M&M's to Snickers and Skittles, are known and loved around the world. Still, there is always market share to be gained.

To build authentic relationships with customers and with the consumer. We live and breathe the brands we work with. Like we did for Mars Wrigley.



The challenge


Mars Wrigley ITR (International Travel Retail) saw an opportunity to increase their revenue in

the border store, air, and sea channels. This required a strategic partner with global

distribution capabilities, expert knowledge, and a dedicated team to act on behalf of their

brand. In B&S, they found that strategic partner.

The process



Key to their growth ambitions was to strengthen relationships with existing customers and build relationships with new customers.


To achieve this, B&S took over the distribution of Mars Wrigley products to border store, air, and sea (BAS) channels. This was a strategic move; Mars Wrigley entrusted B&S to have the capabilities, expertise, and customer network to match, and even improve upon, their own distribution practices. But more so, they were confident that B&S would provide a soft landing by become an extension of the Mars Wrigley brand and building strong relationships with their customers.


Our close collaboration with Mars Wrigley, as well as extensive training of our dedicated sales and marketing team, allowed us to take over the role of brand owner. That meant living and breathing the Mars Wrigley brand, building our strategy around their Range, Display, Activation philosophy, and tailoring KPIs to their growth ambitions. This resulted in a powerful roadmap, a flawless transition of Mars Wrigley's accounts to B&S, and highly effective marketing campaigns leading to significant growth.


The result

Maximised shopfloor presence

Eye-catching displays, strategically placed on the shopfloor and near check-out points, boost conversion. Each display, showcasing both Mars Wrigley's core range as well as new products, is designed to appeal to specific customer demographics and behaviours.

Powerful in-store activations and digital campaigns

In-store activations, such as the collaboration with ferry and cruise ship operator Tallink Silja, proved highly effective. The promotion of the new M&M's Blocks to a highly diverse and international audience instantly improved on-board sales. In-store activations were complemented by digital marketing, including B2C campaigns to boost brand awareness and B2B campaigns to connect with decision-makers.

More business

In the first year, the partnership resulted in significant revenue growth in the border store, air, and sea channels. We are on track to achieve our milestone of doubling Mars Wrigley's business in these channels by 2023. New leads gained through targeted digital marketing campaigns using #SuperAdiences provide additional growth opportunities in predominantly non-active continents.


A flawless transition of Mars Wrigley's accounts to B&S resulting in significant growth

Mars Wrigley's clear vision and ambitious growth objectives made for a perfect match. The partnership was characterised by collaboration and feedback, allowing us to continuously improve. Our winning distribution strategy and tailored branding and marketing strategies continue to pay off, indicating a bright future ahead.