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Resources and resourcefulness: the story of Perrier’s target-breaking growth in the Caribbean


As King of Reach, we specialise in complex challenges in complex markets. Thanks to our scale and global presence, we can ship any product, in any quantity, to almost anywhere in the world. Our partnership with Nestlé Waters to grow sales of the Perrier brand in the Caribbean put our capabilities to the test.



About Nestlé Waters' Perrier brand


Perrier is one of Nestlé Waters’ iconic brands. As the leading bottled water company worldwide, Nestlé Waters works with high-performing partners to manage their distribution. While the Perrier brand was thriving in Latin America, it was underperforming in the Caribbean. Nestlé Waters began their search for a new partner to achieve their growth ambitions in this region.

By establishing a seamless distribution and brand development strategy, tailored to local customer needs and market characteristics, sales of the Perrier brand grew exponentially.



The challenge

Nestlé Waters aimed to increase their Perrier’s sales by 28% and create more brand awareness 

in the regio. Not an easy feat. The total sales volume in the Caribbean was significant but 

spread out over numerous islands. Without an established supply chain, customers could not 

get safety stocks. And while the different territories together make up the Caribbean region, 

they each have unique characteristics and customs procedures. Add COVID-19 to the mix, 

resulting in the closure of restaurants that account for much of the Perrier sales, and the 

challenge becomes even more complex. Nestlé Waters knew B&S as a dedicated partner and 

approached us to take on this opportunity.



The process


Resolving Nestlé's supply chain challenges was the first order of business. Our scale made it possible to distribute any combination of products, in any quantity, to anywhere in the Caribbean region. Our experience with an existing route to market in the Caribbean region enabled us to set up the complete supply chain and take over distribution in just a few months.


In order to grow Perrier's business in this region, we tapped into our local network to learn more about the Caribbean market. Customers provided valuable insights to further simplify the supply chain. Understanding their needs set the stage for better customer service and stronger relationships. Working together, the account management and marketing teams established a brand development plan tailored to the Caribbean region and local market characteristics.


By focusing on opportunities instead of limitations, we achieved significant growth in times of COVID-19. Together, we adapted by building relationships with customers in the At-Home channel. This channel provided a valuable and long-term source of revenue and proved to be a strong alternative to the Out-of-Home channel impacted by the pandemic.

The result

Simplified supply chain

Perrier was able to expand in hard-to-reach territories. The simplified supply chain allowed them to serve any customer, regardless of location and volume, and supply safety stocks with ease.

Exponential growth

Due to the strategic approach, the total sales volume increased by 80% in 2020, double the initial target of 25%. By 2021, the total volume grew by an additional 78%, further strengthening Perrier's market share in the region.

Increased brand awareness

In addition to increasing the total sales volume, tailored brand development and marketing activities boosted brand awareness and engagement. In-store activations improved brand visibility, while digital campaigns further increased in-store traffic.






A seamless distribution and brand development strategy, tailored to local needs
By tackling the complexity of these markets and adapting to changing conditions due to COVID-19, Perrier experienced exponential growth. The investments in relationships improved customer service and strengthened Perrier's position in At-Home channels. With the prospect of reopening Out-of-Home channels, the opportunities for Perrier in the Caribbean are endless.