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Solar panels at our Dordrecht Facility

Our B&S Dordrecht warehouse is impressive in size. In 2020 we committed to give this massive surface a responsible make-over by transforming it into a solar roof.

About our goal

By refurbishing the rooftop of this facility, we increased our operational renewable energy use by 85%. We are proud to announce that the solar panels are in full function since August 2021. But we did not stop there.


Our ambition was for our entire Dordrecht facility to be powered through green electricity. Therefore, we use wind energy to power the remaining 15%, which Scholt Energy supplies. The wind power we use holds a so-called SMK Milieukeur , representing that 100% of this certified green electricity is generated from a sustainable source in the Netherlands.


By converting our entire operation in Dordrecht to green electricity, we avoid consuming nearly 2 megawatts of traditional electricity per year. To put this in perspective, that is the energy you would need to power 4000 households in The Netherlands. This is a great example of our efforts to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment to enable a more sustainable future.