We take pride in our global reach and niche expertise, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Specializing in food and beverages, we provide a varied assortment at competitive prices. Our commitment to serving hard-to-reach locations across the globe ensures that your business operates seamlessly. To enhance our international presence and facilitate efficient logistics, our warehouses are strategically located in Europe, Dubai, and the United States. With specialized knowledge in Duty-Free, Export, and the Maritime sectors, our one-stop solution guarantees that your requirements in these niche markets are not only met but exceeded, allowing your business to thrive on a global scale.

In order to participate on our platform we require you to belong to the specific markets we serve, click here to learn more.

How it works


We serve a variety of niche markets


We supply channels in the duty-free market to ensure a seamless flow of goods within airports and airlines, border shops, ferries, and other travel hubs. Gain exclusive access to our travel retail assortment and excite your customers with an engaging shopping experience.


Included in our network of channels are domestic markets such as supermarkets and retail chains across Europe, Africa, Latin America, and more. Provide consumers with their products of choice from food and beverage to personal care.


Our services extend across the maritime sector including industrial catering, cruise, ship chandelling, and other channels in this industry. Enjoy our range of quality products and treat your crew to the finest selection.

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